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Sustainable Production

PSI provides fresh choice for you with sustainable solutions which match aspiration with practicality.

"But we face big challenges today which mean we need to think differently about food. We can’t carry on just as we are. We need to produce more food without damaging the natural resources – air, soil, water and marine resources, biodiversity and climate – that we all depend on. We need to feed more people globally, many of whom want or need to eat a better diet. We need to tackle increasing obesity and encourage healthier diets. And we need to do all these things in light of the increasing challenge of climate change and while delivering continuous improvement in food safety."

- UK Government Report Food 2030

Case Study:

"PSI has worked with the environmental farming charity LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) for many years. Experienced in Integrated Farm Management they have helped farmers and growers improve their environmental performance, as well as their bottom line, by creating effective whole farm conservation plans and giving technical expertise on carbon footprinting."

Caroline Drummond, LEAF

PSI can help your business in the following areas:

  • Managing pesticides to minimise residues
  • Reviewing of supply chains to identify sustainability 'hot-spots'
  • Identifying biodiversity potential and putting in place plans to meet LEAF and Tesco Nurture
  • requirements which fit with commercial production
  • Developing sustainability scorecards

Sustainable Production

Working with PSI, companies can assess their environmental footprint and put in place polices to address these to everyone’s benefit.

PSI has specific and in-depth knowledge in crop protection, residue management and Good Agricultural Practice auditing schemes

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Who we are:

Who we are

PSI are a team of expert technologists with experience across the range of foods working together to deliver amazing results.

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