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Practical Solutions International offers practical help in Ethical, Sustainability and Safety.

Practical Solutions International is a dynamic consultancy. We can provide a unique mix of technical and new product development skills through flexible work solutions.

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Richard (based in Spain)

Professional Experience

Richard has more than 30 years of experience working in food. Initially working in the meat industry he progressed though prepared ready meals, prepared snacks and fresh produce. The last 20+ years have been based in Spain and mostly working in agriculture. Roles have included quality management, technical management and technical services management working for companies such as Campbell’s, Golden Wonder, Derbyshire Chilled Foods (now Greencore), & Sainsbury’s. Richard has extensive experience in production, commercial, technical, quality, development, social responsibility & worker welfare, sustainability. He has worked throughout Spain and also Portugal, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Greece, Holland and Italy (as well as UK). He has been contracted by major supermarkets, growers, traders, seed companies and laboratories.

Sector Specific Expertise

Fruit and vegetables, prepared foods, snack foods.

Key Skills

Food Safety, HACCP, Global GAP, BRC, Sedex, fluent Spanish.


Food Science, Statistical Process Control, HACCP, Tesco QMS, Waitrose Farm Assessments (including Worker Welfare).

Product Expertise

  • Fresh & Prepared Produce
  • Flowers and Pot Plants
  • Chocolate & Confectionery
  • Soft Drinks
  • Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate
  • Snacks and Crisps
  • Canned and dry grocery
  • Chilled Ready Meals
  • Dairy Products